Slot machines in the church in Sokal

The Roman Catholic community had no influence on the decision to place machines in the church.

In the Roman Catholic church in Sokal, a city located in the Lviv region near the border with Poland, there were slot machines – UNN agency said on Monday. However, church representatives say they have nothing to do with it.

“The church rents only a small part of this temple. Most of the church is rented by private entrepreneurs, including those who have put up slot machines there. But you can not say that the Church deals with it. Under no circumstances” – said the agency priest Grzegorz Draus from the parish of Saint. John Paul II from Lviv.

The clergyman expressed sorrow that the temple will serve gamblers. Ks. Draus warned that vending machines can cause addiction to gambling.

It’s a lot of wasted money and time. It is the lack of spiritual development of man as an individual. Slot machines are not a way to earn money. The way to earn money is work. You do not want to work – do not eat, but the machines are not the way out – said Fr. Draus.

As the UNN writes, the machines were placed in the church by the “Ukrainian National Lottery” connected with the deputy of the Ukrainian parliament Oleksandr Tretiakov from the party of Petr Poroshenko’s block. The agency claims that Tretiakov is known for organizing illegal gambling and tax evasion, as well as attempts to monopolize the gambling market.

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