Double awarding for Casino Technology’s team in Romania

At the threshold of the new year the Casino Technology’s team in Romania was honored with two awards. Their fruitful work was acknowledged and was signified with a Special Award of the industry and the Best Product Award 2017.

“We thank you on behalf of the entire Romanian gaming industry for your good job”, the organizers from Casino Inside said when giving the Special Award to the Performance analyst at the Romanian office of Casino Technology Cristian Munteanu.

Following was the special ceremony of the Romanian Gaming Celebration that took place in the Ambasad’or Events where the company received the Best Product Award 2017. The event was organized by Casino Life & Business Magazine.

The accolade was given for the TOWER™slant top slot machine that was launched recently on the market. The machine with 43” monitor and 4K resolution already has been installed in multiple locations and has excellent feedback from operators.

Valentina Dobre, Regional Director for Romania at Casino Technology commented:

“We highly appreciate the honors we were dignified with. As the passing year was very productive for Casino Technology, we are looking forward for the coming 2018 expecting it to be even more prosperous”.

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