Bulgaria – Will the new maximum betting rules apply to gambling?

The existence of different industries depends on the revenue they make. This makes them strong or weak, working at a profit or loss, writes Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. Undoubtedly, one of the most profitable business niches in recent years, with rising earnings growth each year, is gambling.

Bookmakers have a fair amount of financial revenue that they use for various purposes. Some invest in developing new technologies, others in improving their services. In the whole picture, however, there is another winner, namely the countries that receive solid taxes from gambling operators.

In one of the latest big news for the industry it is mentioned that the revenues of all can fall significantly.

Lower maximum bet.

The development of the whole saga is happening in the UK, where a number of leading bookmakers, known all over the world, are positioned. If something affects their influence on the Island, sooner or later it will catch up with other markets.

It’s about lowering the maximum stake people can make in the so- betting terminals and games. They are devices that can be used to play a variety of casino games or sports betting. At this point, the maximum bet of a certain casino game via such a terminal is GBP 100. The worries are that this amount will be drastically reduced to just 2 pounds a maximum bet.

Government worries come from the fact that in just a few minutes a person can be separated by serious means. This is quite dangerous for people who are prone to express betting.

In this connection, sites such as Nostrabet not only comment on the situation with the risk of gambling addiction and the methods that bookies have to take to limit it. Definitely the measures to reduce the maximum bet amount through the terminals are listed.

The official position on the issue will be given within the next months when the exact amount that will set the maximum bet must be accepted. The causes of the government and the safe gambling commissions for claiming a diminution are clear, but more interesting is how business looks at things and what it will do.

What role do the betting terminals play?

There is why bookmakers have been struggling to reduce the stakes to as little as 2 pounds, as terminals play a very serious role in determining their percentage of profits. It is true that online gambling takes the most profitable growth in the revenue of the companies that offer them, but betting through the terminals does not go further.

After a study, it was found that the terminals generated $ 1.8 billion in revenue for companies between October 2015 and September 2016. This amount accounts for 66% of all industry revenue coming from bets on machines rather than online.

The study includes only British companies like Bet365, but it is quite indicative of the future of the industry, because it is from Great Britain that the main trends in this business come from.

After all, the bookmakers have no way to remain speechless on the subject and have proposed a reduction in the maximum bet in half, up to 50 pounds. They substantiate their proposal with the fact that there are local betting sites called shops where registration is required in order to be able to bet more than 50 pounds. Also, the industry has explained what can lead to overtaking the maximum bet bet at the terminals.

Source: Investor.bg

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