Czech – Why was a lottery receipt due to EET?

Electronic Sales Revenue (EET) aims to better tax collection because each transaction has to be registered and sent online to the database. The store or restaurant owner can not easily mop the bill and throw it away because the cash box automatically sends each payment directly to the Treasury.

These cash registers are legally binding (except for exceptions) for all who receive cash payments. It was with cash payments that they were the biggest tax evasion because it was virtually impossible to control.

One way to get around the system is simply not to issue the bill. Thus, it is not in the record and the sales from the transaction could be put into the pocket of the entrepreneur and not pay taxes on it. And it is precisely this possible type of fraud that attempts to prevent the Bill of Lent.

It works very similarly to any other lottery, such as Sportka, which is the most famous and largest lottery in the Czech Republic. In Účtenkovce, however, tickets are issued by cash registers that support the EET as a ticket. So people have the incentive to get receipts and shopkeepers really have to issue them, so they also register their receipts.

How much in the Bill of Lots is playing

Each month, over 21,000 awards are distributed. The first prize is equal to 1 million crowns for one winner, the other prizes are material. The vast majority of the winnings are a hundred crowns.One player can win even more prizes. Each bill is cashed separately, regardless of who registered her in the game. The draw is always on the 15th of the month. The first draw is November 15, 2017. For detailed pricing, see the table below. All winnings are exempt from tax:

How to receive lottery tickets

The Lottery can be attended by anyone over the age of 18. Foreigners can also play, but winnings will only be transferred to the domestic bank account and the winning information will only be sent to a phone number with a Czech prefix.

The participation itself takes place on the official website The registration of the billing is done by filling in your personal details (for notifications in case of winnings) and filling in the details you find on each receipt. In case of registration on the receipt site, you only fill out your personal information once and then register your receipts only under your account. Thanks to the registration, the player also has an overview of all his registered receipts.

The BKP or FIK code, the Merchant ID, the date and time of the transaction are filled in from the receipt. All data must be on each receipt. It is also possible to use Mobile App for Android or iOS.

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