Czech – The Finance Ministry’s fight against gambling

The number of play rooms will decrease, players will have to register, the number of Czech gaming salons will fall by a third from the end of last year to the end of 2018, from 6100 to 2000. The Deputy Minister of Finance Ondřej Závodský said that the number of Czech gaming salons will fall from the end of last year to the end of 2018.

Under the new Hazard Act, which has been in force since the beginning of 2017, registration will be mandatory for automated players since the beginning of 2018. Restaurants should be virtually eliminated during the next year, the deputy said.

“This year was the year of the Internet, now comes the second phase, which is set by law, it is just about to do it administratively, and it is a stone branch, we had 6100 outlets, now we have 3800. I believe that by the summer, to 2500, by the end of next year to 2000. For me, it is crucial that we go to a third of the original number of plants, “said Závodský, who will end at the end of December.

According to him, the last one-year licenses were issued at the beginning of this year. “Whatever will be operated with the old license even after January 1, 2018, it must adapt to the vast majority of instruments of the new law, for example, registration of players or the need to offer self-limiting measures to players,” the deputy added.

According to him, during this year, vending machines and pubs were not allowed and more than 80 percent expired in January and February.

“After last March, the last 120 establishments should remain, and in 2019 it will be just the units of pubs that will run the 10-year license from 2009,” said Závodský.

From the New Year it will not be possible to play slot machines without registration. When establishing a player’s account, the operator must identify and verify the identity and age of the players and allow him to set up self-limiting measures. These include, for example, setting a maximum amount of bets, a maximum net loss or the number of logs per day or month. The new law also orders a mandatory break after two hours of play.

“In addition, the casinos will have to close from three to ten o’clock in the morning, so non-stop operations will only be possible at the casino, but no more in the casinos,” – said the deputy. Registration will also be mandatory for betting on the branch. Until now, players have only had to register for online betting. The draft bill originally counted on the fact that each player has to set up self-limiting measures, in the end it is at his will. But the operator has to offer him.

“The Legislative Council of the Government has deleted this point by law, and this is one of the things that I am very sorry about the legislative process,” said Závodský.

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