Russia – Gambling zone in the Crimea in question?

To complain about the problems of domestic sweepstakes, casinos and other bookmakers, as it were, not comme il faut. It is believed that this particular type of activity will protect itself. However, back in July 2014, President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the creation of the fifth gambling zone of Russia in Crimea.

The President has provided all the necessary preferences, maximally contributing to a new branch of the republican entrepreneurship. Putin’s idea began to be realized with a three-year delay, only at the end of the holiday season-2017. And suddenly, on New Year’s Eve, the Crimea authorities decided to crush this chicken, which could actually carry golden eggs.

Now on the peninsula, tax rates for gambling are doubled. Corresponding amendments were made to the law “On the Tax on the Gambling Business” at the session of the State Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan on December 27. Why? In the explanatory note to the regional law, they say, it is necessary to increase the revenues of taxes to the budget.

That is, the gambling zone has not yet been created, and taxes have already been raised twice. According to the December document, the rate for one processing centre of a tote or a bookmaker office was raised from 125,000 rubles to 250,000 rubles, for one point of accepting betting rates or a bookmaker office from 7,000 rubles to 14,000 rubles. Also mandatory payment for the processing center of interactive betting odds or betting office – 3 million rubles

A small but spectacular mockery of the President’s instruction was the taxes on each gaming table – 250 thousand rubles, and for a slot machine – 15 thousand rubles. A curious detail. Before the adoption of this decision, the Republican Ministry of Economic Development was informed that “a package of documents on the creation of a gambling zone in the Crimea has already been prepared and handed over to the government of the Russian Federation.”

Probably, this is a joke. To tax double taxes a matter that has not even started. After all, the roulette of South shore is not spinning. While it is known that the gambling zone of Tauris will be located in the Yalta town of Gaspra, not far from the famous castle palace “Swallow’s Nest”. Two months ago the last guests of the local sanatorium “Zhemchuzhina” left. By the way, in Ukrainian times the health resort belonged to the SBU. Then she went to the FSB. In November the sanatorium was closed completely. A large-scale construction of the Crimea Monte Carlo began. In total the object occupied 16.8 hectares of land, incredibly expensive, even by the standards of the Moscow Boulevard Ring.

The name of the company-investor was not disclosed – allegedly, because of Western sanctions. According to unofficial information, this is a large organization from St. Petersburg, which has nothing in common with the “business” circles of the Crimea. It turns out, pre-New Year tax jump, the local decided to throw a pod in Kiev.

The first casino of the Russian Crimea was opened under the Emperor Nicholas II at Bear Mountain, in the luxurious Suuk-Su estate. The building itself seemed to be the height of comfort – electricity, hot water, telephone and telegraph. Nadezhda Krupskaya loved to have a rest in the confiscated mansion. It was from here that the famous children’s camp “Artek” began.

Now in the Russian Federation there are four gambling zones: Azov-City of the Krasnodar Territory, Yantarnaya of the Kaliningrad Region, Siberian Coin in the Altai Territory, Primorye in the Primorsky Territory. The Crimea will be the fifth and, as it is considered, the most profitable.

The image of the Swallow’s Nest hovering over the sea has long been a visiting card of the peninsula. It is he who is printed on the new Russian 100 ruble notes. Although these bills are not useful here – there will obviously be more betting. According to the most conservative forecasts, the annual profitability of the project will be 25 billion rubles. That’s when the business will spin up to such figures, 250-thousand to pay for the gaming table clearly will not be a problem.

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