Poland – Bookmakers are counting profits

The value of the sportsbook market in 2017 almost doubled to PLN 3 billion. The current year is to be even better. The football world championships will help the industry.

Legally operating bookmakers have complained for years that the gray zone is choking them in Poland, and indeed – the change of regulations, which came into force last spring, already brings surprisingly strong, positive effects.

Fight for billions

Their beneficiary is in ex. stock market’s Fortuna, which paid about PLN 130 million in taxes last year, which at the current tax rate and about 31% of the company in the Polish sportsbook market allows us to estimate its value at over PLN 3 billion. And this means over 90% growth year-on-year.

In total approximately PLN 400 million was allocated to the state budget for the gaming tax in 2017 (approximately 2.5 times more than in the previous year). This year it will be a much higher amount. In the years 2018-2020, the state budget for the tax on games could receive a total of up to PLN 2.7 billion, the “Stowarzyszenie Graj Legalnie” estimates. At the same time, they underline that further legislative initiative and clarification of existing provisions is necessary. They claim that the regulator should change the form of betting taxation and rationalize the applicable tax rates. Currently, bookmakers operating in Poland pay a 12% turnover tax, which is one of the highest in Europe – emphasize companies operating in Poland.

The attitude changes

Fortuna announces a struggle for shares, but currently the strongest number one in our country is the STS group. It controls 48% of licensed part of the market.

In 2017, STS recorded higher growth dynamics than last year. It was dependent on many factors – including the growing scale of business, our offer is growing, and customers have access to numerous new functionalities that we regularly introduce – says Mateusz Juroszek, president of STS.

He adds that the company also strengthened its sponsoring activities in various disciplines of Polish sport, which resulted in gaining more players.

Moreover, what is the most important is the attitude of Poles towards sportsbooks. They are treated as a form of entertainment, thanks to which the tracking of sports and socio-political events is even more interesting. This is one of the most important trends we have recently recorded – assesses the president of STS.

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