Russia – Russian Sochi Casino to host European Poker Tour

Sochi Casino will host a significant event for poker enthusiasts around the world – 17 tournaments of various levels within the framework of the Russian stage of the European Poker Tour. The tournament is sponsored by PokerStars and will take place from March 20 to March 29.

European Poker Tour Sochi will be the largest international championship that will take place in Russia both by the number of participants and by the sum of the guaranteed prize fund of the main event – 150 million rubles. Organizers expect participants from more than 40 countries, including Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Belgium, Brazil and many others.

Spectators from more than 50 countries will be watching the game live, broadcasting is organized in Russian and English with a demonstration of players on the screen with a 30-minute delay.

The game will be held at 62 tables. It is expected that the tournament will be visited by the stars of the world poker – Liv Boeri, Igor Kurganov, Mikhail Shalamov and many others.

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