Poland – Officers have detained gambling machines worth over PLN 80,000

Officers of the Customs-Fiscal Service (KAS) from the Podkarpacki Customs-Fiscal Office in Przemyśl are fighting against the gambling underground. During the actions in Rzeszów, they detained 7 illegal gambling machines.

On Tuesday, 10’th of April this year officers of the Customs and Tax Service from the Rzeszów branch of the Podkarpackie Tax and Customs Office in Przemyśl were carrying out control activities in Rzeszów. In one of the gaming halls in the city, the officers, with the participation of an expert from the Customs-Tax Laboratory in Przemyśl, detained 7 gambling machines worth PLN 84,000, as well as cash contained in them.

During the control activities, the officers carried out trial experiments and interviewed a person handling the machines. The machines were stopped for further criminal-tax and administrative proceedings.

From the beginning of this year, officers of KAS in the Podkarpackie province detained a total of 112 machines operating against the provisions of the Gambling Act, of which 53 machines were secured by the officers of the Rzeszów branch of the Podkarpackie Tax and Customs Office in Przemyśl.

On the other hand, the balance of control activities in this area in 2017 in the Podkarpacie region is the retention of 576 gaming devices operating in contravention of the Gambling Act, as a result of which 245 fiscal penal proceedings and 435 administrative proceedings were initiated. The penalties imposed amounted to over PLN 5.7 million.

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