Russia – Some selected Russian officials will be allowed to play in online casinos

Russian Ministry of Finance has prepared legislative amendments that will allow Federal Tax Service employees to play in online casinos, which are banned in Russia.

From the point of view of the department, it will help to conduct so-called “control purchases” and collect proofs of illegal gambling operations.

This is the only way, according to the representatives of the department, to identify beneficiaries of money transfers associated with illegal online casino operations. These amendments will affect the laws “On lotteries” and “On state regulation of activities on organizing and conducting gambling”

Employees of the Federal Tax Service will be able to bet online and receive winnings. After the discovery of such information Federal Tax Service will be able to take the formal decisions necessary to include online casinos into the unified register of prohibited sites.

Gambling websites have been blocked in Russia since the beginning of 2014. Since then, several hundred online casinos and bookmakers have been blocked.


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