Ukraine – 140 gambling spots closed by police in Ukraine in 2018

Illegal activity of 140 gambling establishments has been closed since the beginning of the year, reports Ukrainian National Police. Most of the gambling halls covered their illegal activities under the signs of the state lottery operator.

Some were masked as restaurants, shops and offices, whose doors were always closed for a common passer-by. One could get into the room only after passing the “face control”.
Police has seized 1759 gambling equipment units. The total value of the seized equipment is three million UAH (95 thousand EURO).

So far, gambling is illegal in Ukraine despite the plans and open letter to IMF with intention to legalize the industry in 2018. Some experts say it is very unlikely any of the gambling draft laws to be approved by the parliament before the Presidential elections in March 2019.

There is also an opinion that illegal “tax-free” gambling business has a good lobby in the parliament.

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