15 Most Visited Bookmaker Websites in Russia

Betting Business Russia has published the list of the most popular bookmaker websites in Russia, based on the August data of Similar Web online analytics service.  The list includes 15 bookies providing online betting services.

The ranking of the most visited websites (million visits):

Website    Visits, millions 7,43 7,20 3,60 2,55 2,49 1,52 1,30 1,02 0,71 0,61 0,39 0,28 0,23 0,10 0,09

The domain has got the first place in August. The traffic of this website decreased by almost 36% and amounted to 7.43 million visits. The number of Russian users is 96.50%. The major traffic source for the bookie is referrals.

The has got 7.20 million visits. Russian audience of the website equals to 86.43%. The major traffic source is direct traffic. is the 3rd top visited bookmaker website with 91.63% of Russian users.

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