13% of Ukrainians own crypto currency

Almost three quarters of Ukrainians or 72% of the population know about the existence of crypto-currencies, but only 13% of Ukrainians own them. This information is based on the research made by Kantar TNS Online Track.

The experts decided to find out what Ukrainian Internet users know about crypto-currencies, whether they own them, and what role the crypto-currency is given to the state. The study was conducted online in the end of April this year. 1,000 respondents aged 18 to 55 years took part in the poll.

The top five most popular crypto-currencies are Bitcoin – 98%, Litecoin – 29%, Bitcoin Cash – 27%, Dash – 14%, NEM – 6%.

According to the research, the main reason which stops Ukrainians from buying crypto currency is lack of trust. It is worth mentioning that a fake crypto currency exchange network was uncovered in Ukraine in June.


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