2018 World Cup global betting turnover announced

FIFA has calculated the total betting turnover of the 21st edition of the World Cup 2018 held in Russia. According to the organization, the total amount of bets was 136 billion euros.

FIFA cooperates with Sportradar to identify and analyse betting behaviour and patterns across a number of international and domestic football competitions, which helped to avoid manipulation during the 2018 World Cup games. Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System monitored over 550 betting operators worldwide and reported no suspicious betting activity.

On average, the betting turnover of every football match was 2.1 billion euros. The amount of bets during the World Cup Final between France and Croatia was the highest and resulted in 7.2 billion euros. Croatia had the highest average betting turnover per match and, probably, was a very profitable team for bookmakers globally with opening odds of around 34.0 and three matches decided during extra time or by penalty shootout.


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