22 companies to sue Ukraine over ban on gambling in 2009

Adoption of new gambling bill 2285 will not be able to ensure revenues of 3 billion UAH to the state budget, which the Cabinet expects. This was stated by the chairman of the Union of Gambling Enterprises Yuriy Kozhema during the round table organized by the Ukrainian Institute of the Future.

According to the expert, there will be no budget revenues of 3 billion as expected. Even if you add up all the numbers that now in law, 3 billion will never be released.  The chairman of the Union of Gambling Enterprises believes that the government can only count on UAH 500 million.

He also warned that those entrepreneurs whose licenses were canceled after the ban on gambling in Ukraine in 2009 are ready to sue Ukraine in the European Court of Human Rights. Kozhema said that more than 200 licenses were canceled then.

“Now there is Olympic Casino and a lawsuit against Ukraine for 12 million euros. And according to my information, another 22 organizations are preparing to sue Ukraine over ban in 2009. As the Law on the prohibition of gambling in Ukraine is canceled, there are lawyers here who understand that due to newly identified circumstances there will be corresponding claims. There are organizations that have paid 150 thousand euros in total for licenses in 2009 and have not even started operations”, Kozhema said.


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