$25 million casino project planned in Hilton hotel in Kyiv

Hilton Kyiv is going to open a 1k square meters casino. Investments in equipment, according to preliminary estimates, will amount to $20-25 million.

This information was shared in a commentary to The Page by Boris Fuksman, the co-owner of the hotel and co-founder of the 1 + 1 media group.

Moreover, the businessman said that there is also an underground casino project in Hilton Kyiv. The size of this project will be 2 thousand square meters. $5 million will be invested in its construction, and it is still unknown how much the equipment will cost.

It is worth noting that the new gambling bill of Ukraine allows casino in five-star hotels with at least 150 rooms for Kyiv and 100 rooms for other cities. The area of ​​the casino should be at least 500 square meters and employ at least 50 people.

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