5 Biggest Unregulated Online Gambling Markets Globally

Unregulated online gambling involves the ability to play in foreign casinos even though local betting restrictions might be in place.

It is not uncommon for countries to regulate brick-and-mortar casinos as a way to limit gaming on the Internet.

Some of the countries with the largest communities of online gamers have not yet regulated online gambling activities that originate on the other side of the border.

Here is a look at the most important unregulated global markets for this industry.

List of the Largest Unregulated Gambling Populations

1. Canada
If you’re an online gambling enthusiast, then you can appreciate what this country offers in its gaming market. You can find platforms that offer blackjack, poker, and slots. It’s also a lucrative place if you enjoy betting on sports. You’ll discover that the list of online casinos in Canada is long, which means you’re almost guaranteed to find a perfect place to play.

2. New Zealand
Gambling in New Zealand began with horse racing in the early 19th century. When George Julius invented the tote board, it changed gambling perceptions for the general public. All gambling in the country is strictly prohibited unless the government authorizes the activities. Any play of age can play at an online casino that’s based outside of the country.

3. United States
The United States is a patchwork of regulated and unregulated gambling markets. Authorities in Washington State can charge you with a felony if you’re playing online games for money, but the activity is encouraged in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Many foreign casinos won’t accept American players, but there are enough options for the serious player who wants to have some fun.

4. South Africa
Playing slots online is a relatively common activity in this country. You’ll find several platforms that provide numerous variations of three- or five-wheel platforms for fun. Roulette and blackjack tend to be quite popular as table games for online play. It can be a little tricky to play in South Africa because credit cards are not permitted to fund gaming activities.

5. Australia
Online gambling and gaming operations are legal in this country. Each state has the responsibility to set policy for the industry, but domestic and foreign casinos are accessible to residents at any time. Laws in 2016 placed restrictions on access, although online slot machines remain legal and are a lucrative market in Australia.

What Is Unique About Online Gambling?

The countries that have the highest levels of regulations also see the lowest levels of per-capita activity in the gaming industry. Australians spend over $900 per year, whereas people in the UK with its extensive regulations for online and land-based activities stands at $377.

When you know what is permissible or accessible at home, then it becomes possible to maximize the fun you have with online gambling. Pick your favorite games to play today, and then find a venue that supports that activity – even if you live in an unregulated market.

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