A new casino opened in Minsk

The grand opening and presentation of the third casino of Princess Casinos network took place in Minsk on August 6, 2019. Princess Mayak Casino is part of a network with two other gambling establishments in Minsk – Diamond and Zhuravinka. It is also part of the Princess International Group gambling empire, created by Turkish businessman Sudi Ozkan.

This small casino with four gaming tables and thirty slot machines is located in the Dana Mall.  Princess Mayak  offers all the main types of gambling, including one Texas Holdem table. The casino is open from 16.00, and slot machines are open around the clock.

Princess Mayak is the farthest casino from the city center. Experts are not sure whether it will be successful.  With the opening of Princess Mayak, 14 casinos are now operating in Minsk. By the end of the year, a new casino is expected to open at the Marriott Hotel.

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