A new casino to be opened in Russia by 2020

Russian gambling operator Shambala plans to complete the first stage of its project in the Primorye gambling zone by 2020. Construction of the new hotel and casino will begin this fall.

Shambala became the resident of the gambling zone after an open auction in June 2018. The investor announced the creation of an entertainment project with a five-star hotel for 270 rooms, which will include casinos, restaurants, a bar area, a grand buffet with an open kitchen, a spa, a nightclub. The total investment is 8 billion rubles

Earlier it was reported that the construction of the project is divided into two stages. At the first stage, it is planned to build a gambling and entertainment building with an area of more than 28 thousand square meters. The construction of the second stage, including a hotel and entertainment area, will take about three years. After the realization of the second stage in 2022, the buildings will be combined into a single gambling and entertainment center.

The first hotel with the casino Tigre de Cristal was built the Primorye gambling zone in 2015. By 2020, in addition to Shambala, two more casinos will be opened there, namely Naga Vladivostok and Selena.


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