A new electronic lottery to be launched in Belarus

An instant electronic lottery “BELBET” has been established in Belarus. The decree containing information and rules of the new lottery has been published on The National Legal Internet Portal of the Republic of Belarus.

According to the decree, the new republican instant electronic lottery“ BELBET ” will be operated by republican unitary enterprise “Belarusian Lotteries”. The lottery will function by means of electronic software and hardware. Lottery player must first register online at (via official mobile applications). All information provided by the participant during registration is confidential.

The lottery will be operated for five years from the date of registration. Bets are supposed to be accepted by electronic means by bank transfer on the lottery website. Winnings will be paid to bank cards in other ways that do not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

It is worth noting that as of right now, there are 32 lotteries in Belarus according to the State Registry. 14 national and 18 regional lotteries are operated by two Balarusian Lotteries and National Sports Lotteries.

Andriey Nabukhotnyi

Former editor-in-chief of Ukrainian specialized magazine catalogue Entertainment Industry. Andriey is E-Play's observer of Eastern European gambling market.

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