A new tech city with a casino may be built in Russia

It is reported that the construction of a satellite city with a university, an industrial park, and a new gambling zone may soon begin near St. Petersburg.

Petersburg’s NIPIgrad company is likely to develop the project called Alkho. At the moment, the company claims that Alkho will be built near Lake Ladoga and the Syväoro-Parikala international border crossing point. The total number of residents of the science city will be approximately 25-30 thousand.

“The boundaries of the city are defined in a preliminary plan. In the future they will be adjusted”, director of the design institute of urban planning Yuri Kirenkov said.

The company, which will be engaged in the construction of the city, informed the project will include agrocomplexes, farms and ecological districts. Moreover, Alkho will offer a center for children and adolescents, an amusement park and several museums.

But the most interesting thing is that the project may also include a casino, and thus a new gambling zone may be created near St. Petersburg. Now this issue is under consideration by the Government of the Russian Federation.


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