All 5.3k gambling establishments closed by police in Ukraine

5300 gambling establishments have been closed in Ukraine with about 4.5 thousand pieces of equipment worth 51 million UAH confiscated. 250 criminal proceedings have been opened over illegal gambling.

This was reported by the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volodymyr Martynenko on Hromadske Radio.

According to the adviser, the fight against gambling was intensified due to the failure of the parliament to legalize the industry.

“Until recently, the government decree was in force in Ukraine allowing lottery activities, including electronic lotteries. And after the instructions that came from the president, the government repealed the resolution, and now there is no legal basis to operate this type of gambling. In addition, there is a fine line between gambling establishments and lottery establishments, including electronic lotteries. Now, due to the failure of the parliament to approve the bill on gambling, no new rules have been set. Accordingly, the President instructed the Government to deal with the situation in the gambling market. The government abolished the resolution, and accordingly, police began to close gambling establishments. ”

Volodymyr Martynenko added that as for the present moment all gambling establishments are closed in Ukraine.

It is worth mentioning, that the Verkhovna Rada failed to vote for the bill 2285-d, which provides for the legalization of gambling in Ukraine. The required minimum of 226 votes lacked 13 votes. President Vladimir Zelensky was outraged by the refusal of parliamentarians to support the legalization of gambling and announced the immediate closure of all gambling establishments in the country. After that, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a decree according to which on December 20 all gambling establishments were ordered to stop operations.

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