An employee of a Russian Payment Service Secretly Mined 500,000 Bitcoins in 2011

Qiwi payment service employee mined 500,000 bitcoins just in three month using self-service terminals of the company. This information was posted on with reference to the co-founder of Qiwi Sergei Solonin.

The security service of the company discovered that the self-service terminals transferred data and worked on a higher load at night, when they were expected to be not in use. It took three months to find out the reason. As it turned out, one of Qiwi’s developers highjacked the company’s harware and used it to mine bitcoins.

Qiwi’s CEO demanded the return of the bitcoins, arguing that the resources of the company were used for their mining. But “the miner” left without ever replying to his request. His fate remains unknown.

According to Sergei Solonin, the company did not face direct losses from the activities of the ex-employee. However, tenants of self-service terminals overpaid for electricity.

After the incident, Solonin ordered use company’s self-service terminals network for mining. However, the idea could not be realized, since the process of mining had become too complicated for the Qiwi’s harware.

The current value of the bitcoins mined by the Qiwi’s developper is over $ 4 billion.


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