An illegal luxury casino uncovered in the center of Kyiv

Police detectives stopped the activities of a VIP illegal casino which was located in a shopping and office center in the heart of Ukraine’s capital. The information was announced on December 14 by the press service of the Kyiv police.

According to the detectives, casino welcomed only VIP guests and it was very hard to get into the gambling room.

“The staff and visitors used an elevator, which worked only by means of a special magnetic key. The elevator lifted the visitors to the 4th floor, and then through the special system of locks the visitors could enter the casino,” the representative of the Ukraine’s police explained.

The casino appeared to be well equipped. The detectives have found the premises with servers, where the information about the course of the game was received and stored. Police reports there were about 30 visitors during the raid.

Police officers have also seized gaming equipment, more than 100 thousand dollars, weapons and ammunition. Currently, pre-trial investigation is ongoing.



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