An independent survey named Russian sports betting market leaders

Analytical companies GfK and Ipsos interviewed Russians and learned how many people are betting on sports and why, and created a popularity ranking of betting companies in 2018. The survey was conducted in several regions of Russia including various age groups.

GfK surveyed 2,000 men with an income not above average who are interested in sports.

Among those surveyed, 28% are placing bets at the moment, and another 14% have placed bets in the past. People who have not yet used the services of bookmakers, but do not deny this possibility in the future, belong to the largest group (38%). Only 21% of respondents do not bet on sports and do not plan to place bets in the future.

GfK found out the reasons for betting on sports. 75% of respondents believe that sports betting is an entertainment, 73% agreed that bets bring emotions. 63% are sure that matches become more interesting if they place bets on them. It is a pleasure for 55% of respondents to predict the outcome of the game, and 54% like that sports betting is less dependent on chance than other gambling.

The overwhelming majority of those who are currently placing bets prefer mobile apps or bookmakers websites. Only 13% choose betting shops, 17% use both options.

Ipsos surveyed 950 men aged 18–50 years and collected data on the popularity of Russian bookmakers. Questions were asked in various cities of Russia with a population of more than 500 thousand people. According to the survey, Fonbet is the most famous bookmaker company. “Fonbet” is named the first by 32% of respondents and 53% people include it into the listing of well-known bookies. Only 24% of respondents have never heard about the brand.

The second place belongs to “1xStavka”. This brand was named the most popular by 15% of respondents. 43% of respondents have never heard about the brand.

Those having no experience in betting on sports have been offered a list of more than 15 BC to find out which of the companies are most known for this audience. On average, the respondents called three bookmakers brands, with the overwhelming advantage of Fonbet.  “Leon”, “1x bet” and “Liga Stavok” betting companies have approximately equal brand awareness levels.

According to the surveys, the market has a huge potential for growth, since almost 40% of respondents do not deny the possibility of betting on sports in the future. Fonbet is the most popular betting company in Russia, with 76% of respondents who have heard about the brand and 27% of those who used the services of this betting company. The other three leaders are “1x bet”, “League of Stakes” and “Leon”.


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