An official described gambling in Ukraine as shameful

The head of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) Yuri Terentyev has critisized the current state of affairs in Ukrainian gambling business. “I believe it is a shame what we can see as lotteries on the streets today”, said the official in an interview for the local publication.

The head of the AMCU also added that the parliament and the police are responsible for the situation when illegal gambling is openly operating using the signs of lotteries. According to the expert, the best scenario for the lotteries is when they are operated by the state with all revenues spent on public needs.

The head of the AMCU did not comment the information that UNL has the biggest share of the market, replying that it is not correct to choose any of the sides, when discussing the Ukrainian “lottery problem”.

“There are two views that have significant disadvantages: one says that the adoption of new license conditions submitted by the Ministry of Finance will lead to the monopolization of this market by the UNL company. The second view says that blocking regulation of the industry is in fact beneficial for the shadow market”, added Terentyev.

So far, Ukrainian parliament has not adopted a new gambling law yet, despite the plans to legalize gambling in Ukraine in 2018.


Andriey Nabukhotnyi

Former editor-in-chief of Ukrainian specialized magazine catalogue Entertainment Industry. Andriey is E-Play's observer of Eastern European gambling market.

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