An Overview of Amatic Industries' Achievements

Amatic Industries celebrated its 27th anniversary at this year’s ICE fair. For the iGaming industry, this represents quite a long time. Over a quarter of a century of history means that Amatic has a place in the future of this industry too. If you want, you can play Amatic slot games for free or for real money right now. However, we recommend that you first take a look at the history and achievements of the company: we have summarized them below for you.

The History of Amatic Industries

Amatic was established in 1993 in Austria. At that time, European casinos needed gaming tables, slot cabinets and other gambling equipment, but there were no local manufacturers. They were importing all of these from the United States or Australia. Amatic started as a local casino equipment manufacturer and began to control a significant part of the market pretty soon. For the same reason, it expanded its portfolio and started to produce multiplayer-enabled systems and server-based video lottery terminals too.

Amatic stood out from other manufacturers by designing modular systems: Amatic was able to produce a customized solution for each customer and fit a large number of games even in small-space casinos. In other words, the company was able to change the equipment according to customer needs and therefore work with different sized casinos. At that time, equipment manufactured in the US and Australia did not have such a feature: they only had one standard design.

Amatic became in demand not only in Europe but also in other continents thanks to its customized production model. It currently exports 90% of its products and works with almost every country. You can see equipment manufactured by Amatic in all casinos around the world. This success made Amatic a member of “Leitbetriebe Austria” (Leading Companies Austria).

The Portfolio of Amatic Industries

Like every company in the iGaming industry, Amatic develops games for online casinos too. Although land-based casino equipment is still the company’s main product, we can say that almost every land-based slot game is adapted for online casinos. In this context, all Amatic slots are developed in HTML5 format and can therefore be played smoothly on all platforms and devices. All online slots are tested for a long time at land-based casinos before being offered online, so players can get a smooth experience. However, online slots make up a small part of the company’s portfolio. Amatic also offers the following products:

  • Multi-Game Terminals: These cabins, which are specially produced for land-based casinos, have multiple slot games, and the player can choose any of them. In general, it is possible to say that there are 9 selectable games in each cabin, but this number may decrease or increase, depending on the cabin model. There are about 150 slot games developed only for these terminals.
  • Roulette Terminals: These terminals are marketed under the “Grand Jeu 24HX” brand and operate fully automatically. These are circular devices with a roulette wheel in the middle of the circle. Around it, there are touch screens ranging in number from 4 to 8. Each screen can be used by a different player. When players place their bets, the wheel starts to spin automatically, and roulette can be played for 24 hours without the need for a dealer.
  • Mystery Jackpots: This is a wide-area jackpot network active on all Amatic slots. In other words, if you are playing an Amatic slot with a jackpot feature, you can win one of four big prizes at any given time. The biggest prize is called Megapot and pays up to 200,000 Euros.
  • Multi Lottery Terminals: The MLT series is one of the products that made Amatic famous and allows dozens of terminals to be connected to a single server. In fact, these products do not have to be in the same location. Even terminals in different parts of the world can be managed on the same server.
  • CMS: Amatic also develops its own CMS called Casino Online System (COS). This system is designed to meet all the needs of land-based casinos. The software allows every game and every system in the casino to be controlled and managed remotely. It also has Player Tracking and Cash Card Tracking features.


In addition to all these, Amatic introduced a new feature called “Lucky Link” at the ICE London fair in 2020. This feature, developed for the CX30 brand slot cabinets, offers four different progressive jackpots: mini, minor, grand and major. These jackpots use a common pool in all games with the “cash spin” feature, meaning the amount of prize accumulated in the pool continues to increase with every game played. Since the CX30 series cabinets have three different screens, gamers can also get an immersive experience. Amatic Industries has been one of the biggest names in the iGaming industry for 27 years, and we are confident that it will play an important role in the future of this industry.


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