Another Pole’s poker success

Although Poland is bypassed from a distance by large poker festivals, Poles are succeeding beyond the borders of the country. In the EPT Barcelona main tournament with the entry fee of EUR 5,300, Piotr Nurzyński secured a prize of over EUR one million. This is the fourth Pole who became the champion of the prestigious cycle.

This is another great result of the Polish poker player in Barcelona. Two years ago, then 21-year-old Sebastian Malec triumphed in the prestigious main tournament of the European Poker Tour. A student from Warsaw defeated 1784 rivals and won an award of over EUR 1.1 million. Previously, EPT tournaments were won by Dzmitry Urbanowicz (2016, Dublin) and Dominik Pańka (2014, PCA in the Bahamas).

Pańka also did well in Barcelona, ​​in the main tournament he took the 64th position (a record number of 1931 players started). Patryk Poterek, Mikolaj Zawadzki, Tomasz Pająk, Michał Lubas, Daniel Nietrzebka and Marcin Chmielewski also secured the paid places. The best was Piotr Nurzyński, who on Sunday with five other poker players fought for the main prize in the amount of over EUR 1.6 million.

– Dreams come true. I’ve watched EPT tournaments for years. I always dreamed about being on the final table. I am shocked that I succeeded – he was happy before the last day of the competition in front of Poker Stars cameras. – I’ve been playing poker for years, but it was not my job. I’m a doctor, I finished medicine. I practiced for a year, but with my fiancé we decided to start traveling around the world playing poker. We’ve been doing it for 1.5 years. Six months and I am going back to being a doctor – added the Pole, who won a tournament entry of EUR 5,300 during his stay in South America, in online qualifiers (the so-called satellite) for EUR 250. Nurzyński struggled on the final table in the second position in terms of number of chips. After a great start, he became even the decisive leader of the tournament, but he was overtaken by Haoxiang Wang. When there were four players in the game, they agreed to distribute the prizes (so-called deal) to reduce the differences between payouts. The Chinese guaranteed over EUR one million, Pole EUR 857 109, Bulgarian Ongyan Dimow EUR 725 thousand, and Pedro Marques less than EUR 700 thousand. There are an additional EUR 180,000 left in the game aside form the title of EPT champion.

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