Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine proposes to review the law on gambling

Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) published a big report of its research of the lotteries market of Ukraine, reports Ukrainian News. The Commitee came up to the conclusion that the gambling legislation should be revised in Ukraine.

As noted in the document (the Power Point presentation ), the State Budget of Ukraine previously received about 320 million UAH taxes from the lotteries, but since 2015 these revenues have decreased several times due to monopolization of the market.

As a result of the huge uncontrolled shadow market of gambling, the budget does not receive huge sums of money, the market is heavily criminalized, generates corruption, and the level of crime associated with gambling is increasing, notes the AMCU draft summary. At the same time, reforming the legislation in this area would allow not only to increase the volume of budget revenues, but also to improve the control system in order to prevent minors and problem gamblers from gambling, thus avoiding negative social consequences.

“The most significant component is state policy,” the AMCU points out in its conclusions, “The inefficiency of state regulation and control creates conditions for growth of the shadow market.”
At present, the AMCU accepts proposals from the public and after February 18th they plan to formally approve the report and present it officially. Further, it will be sent to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in order to be taken into account in further legislative initiatives.

According to experts, gradual legalization of gambling can correct the situation.

“There is a proposal from the representatives of the hotel business, to start with a socially responsible legalization of the casinos. Why is it socially responsible? Because the casino is the kind of business where it is easier to protect the player. The proposition is to restrict gambling to 5 and 4 star hotels and , for example, areas likes racetrack. In addition, it is proposed to limit access to casinos for people under the age of 21 and to place slot machines exclusively in casino areas”,

– says Irina Sergienko, the president of the Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association (UGIA)) and the head of the Coordination Council for socially responsible legalization of gambling.

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