Armenia to close the majority of betting shops after November 2020

According to Babken Tunyan, chair of the parliamentary commission on economic issues, MP from the ruling My Step party, nothing will change for bookies until November 2020. The betting companies will be able to work as usually, without fear of any consequences. However, after November 2020 the number of betting points will decline more than by half.

“Each betting company will be allowed to have only one betting shop in each administrative district of Erevan or major Armenian cities, with exception of four cities specified by the bill, where special gambling zones will be created,” Tunyan added.

Moreover, as the MP noted, electronic betting and gambling equipment will have another six months (until April 2021) for operation after the law comes into force.

“Initially, we believed that the law should immediately enter into force, but after discussions with experts and specialists, we came to the conclusion that we should wait, because this is a licensed activity, and we are not entitled to prohibit or restrict it right away,” the MP added.

It is worth mentioning that Armenia introduces new legislation for gambling business due to come into force in November 2020. All casinos will be moved to four gambling special zones.



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