BC Bwin Russia may partner with Parimatch

Bwin Russia is considering a partnership with online bookmaker Parimatch, Kommersant reports. A&NN Investments company is looking for a partner for development of Bwin Russia. A&NN Investments owns Digital Betting, which manages the Bwin Russia brand.

The project was expected to enter the top 3 online bookmakers three years after its launch with 10% of the market, but so far it has less than 1%. The Russian partners planned to invest up to € 10 million annually in the project in order to occupy 10% of the market in three years. Local media company Rambler invested its marketing opportunities. The company was responsible for attracting the audience, its website was planned to become the main generator of traffic.

However in 2018, Rambler has sold exclusive advertising on С to another bookmaker company, namely “Fonbet”. Later the contract was extended to 2019. Since Bwin Russia could not gain marketing tools, it didn’t succeed with its goal to be among top 3 online bookmakers.



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