Belarus – 20 thousand voluntarily restricted their own access to casinos

For five years, 18,178 Byelorussians voluntarily limited their access to casinos and bookmakers. The data was provided by the Monitoring Center for Gaming in Belarus.

So, in 2017 only two citizens of the country were banned from visiting casinos and bookmakers against their will. Such indicators show that the level of the conscious attitude to gambling in the country in recent years has grown significantly, experts say.

According to the information provided by the Minsk Regional Clinical Center “Psychiatry-Narcology”, last year more than 40 people received treatment from problem gambling issues in the hospital.

“They are often trapped because of a low degree of self-control, expressed in a person’s inability to stop at the right time. The position of hard pressure on the part of the family is disastrous: control should be, but in combination with a demonstration of understanding and participation in the formation of a new lifestyle, “said psychologist Sergei Khonsky.

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