Belarus Hockey players punished for fixed matches

Local  Minsk court filed the case on the fixed match of the Belarus hockey championship between Dynamo Molodechno and HC Mogilev. The team from Molodechno on November 12 lost to one of the outsiders of the championship 5: 6, leading 5: 1 during the game.

The investigation revealed that the team’s hockey players  agreed to lose in this match. Players were promised 7 to 15 thousand dollars as a reward. However, it is not speciafied if the issue was related to sports betting.

The Federation has involved law enforcement in the investigation. As a result, the case against four hockey players Ivanov, Ustinenko, Syrei and Sheleg was referred to the prosecutor’s office. The four hockey players present in the court pleaded guilty in full.

Even before the trial, the Federation fined and disqualified Sergei Sheleg, Nikita Ustinenko, Alexei Ivanov, Stanislav Kuchkin, Vyacheslav Lisichkin, Alexander Syrei and Pavel Boyarchuk for a year. It is worth noting that they are quite famous hockey players. Nikita Ustinenko played for the national team of Belarus at the world championships. Sergei Sheleg and Pavel Boyarchuk were involved in matches in the national team. Vyacheslav Lisichkin is a player on the team of the President of Belarus.


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