Belarus to raise gambling taxes

The Ministry of Finance proposed to raise tax rates on gambling business. In 2022, it is proposed to tax each gaming table in the amount of 7854 Belarus rubles (now – 7140 rubles). The tax for the betting point is proposed to be set in the amount of 1,650 (now – 1,500 rubles),  totes – 2,475 rubles (2,250 rubles today). Tax rate for a slot machine will be raised to the amount of 264 rubles (now – 240 rubles).

It is worth mentioning, that gambling business in Belarus was hid by the pandemic.  Belarus received just 18.4 million rubles taxes from January to May in 2020, compared to 27 million rubles in the same period in 2019. The amount has decreased by almost 9 million.

There are 111 licensed gambling operators in Belarus. Only 92 of them are active.


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