Developers from Belarus launched a cryptocurrency platform for sports betting

According to the news on, a startup from Minsk has launched the high-speed Scorum Bet betting exchange. Previously, the team has already released a blog platform with a reward in cryptocurrency.

The official launch of the new service took place on December 13th. Representatives of Scorum Bet consider transparency, decentralization, speed of work and the absence of corruption as pro features of the new software. Scorum is repoted to use Graphene blockchain technology. In addition, all bets are placed without commission.

“The Scorum Bet platform socializes and unites the sports community, being at the same time transparent and uncorrupted thanks to the blockchain technology,” says Vlad Artemiev, CEO and co-founder of Scorum.

Developers plan to improve gamification features of the platform via introduction of leaderboards and rankings, tasks and awards, team tournaments. The platform exists  at the expense of the $ 5.63 million received during the successful “crowdsale” in early 2018.

Another sports betting related service has been launched in Russia to monitor fixed games. Betting Business Russia has posted info about a free service which was developed to track changes of the odds of Russian bookmakers before, during and after a sport event, so you can track fixed matches. A drastic change in such a curve will make it possible to track suspiciously large cash flows with a probability of up to 70% and make an assumption that the game may be fixed.

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