Betclic returns to Poland. Although they never left

For some time now, the popular online bookmaker Betclic announces that players will be able to use their services in Poland again. They already have permission from the Minister of Finance and will return to the Polish market “soon”. So far, they also worked there, but had to cover.

“Betclic” again in Poland – informs the banner displayed after entering the address betclic.pl in the browser. “We are pleased to announce that Betclic.pl is fully licensed and will soon come back to Poland with a wide range of bookmaker’s offer for Polish players!” – we read.

There is also information about the harmfulness of the gambling and the authorization number. We tried to verify it in the ministry. We have not yet received an answer, but there are no grounds to say that it is not true.

Thus, it seems that soon Polish players will be able to return to betting with this popular bookmaker. Before the so-called Gambling Act came into force in Poland, Betclic – alongside bwin.com (previously betandwin.com) – was one of the largest in the industry.

According to Megapanel data from March 2016, over 3 million users visited it every month. Poles liked the site the most, where they accounted for over 90% of all players. Betclic was also a sponsor who appeared on the shirts of Lech Poznań footballers. After the change of regulations, the sponsoring agreement was terminated.

The law on gambling began to apply, later its amendment, and with it a “register of domains used to offer gambling contrary to the act”. In a nutshell: it is a list of betting sites whose owners were not registered in Poland. And that was a condition of legal action in this country.

In other words: you do not register activities in Poland and you do not pay taxes there, you are not a legal bookmaker and therefore we block your websites. This meant that all illegal internet bookmakers had to withdraw from Poland until they registered their activities there.

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