Better Collective continues growth in the Nordic region

The trend of mergers and acquisitions has continued in the affiliate market, as Better Collective has grown its European presence, purchasing the Danish affiliate activities from Xperten Ltd and Xpert Ltd, including the SpilXperten brand.

The sites have been continually growing over an 11 year period, making it an attractive acquisition for Better Collective, specifically as the two have had a strong relationship throughout the growth of the smaller sites.

As a continuation of its long term strategy, the group has outlined its preference to forge a strong footprint in regulated and established European markets, emphasising that the acquisitions strengthen its place as “leading iGaming affiliate” and “market leader” within a growing Danish market.

Michal Kopec, Head of M&A at Better Collective, told:

“Denmark probably has the best regulatory framework for online gambling in Europe. The market attracts a lot of licensed operators, including the biggest European brands. As an affiliate, it’s extremely important that we are present in such a market with a long term strategy. Since we’ve already had a good experience with the market, combined with our local presence and knowledge, it’s a natural choice for us to expand here.”

Highlighting the importance of continued growth in the affiliate market, he continued: “We are committed to growth both organically, through our existing assets, as well as through M&A activities. Our experience with the assets we have acquired so far, both in terms of synergies and performance, is very positive and we are excited with the opportunities we see across various markets for further growth.”

The acquisitions affirm that Better Collective is placing a key focus on the Nordic region, after it recently expanded into the Finnish market with the purchase of affiliate Premium Administration OU, a deal which further saw the group take control of various assets including the and

As Better Collective looks to maintain its position as one of the leading affiliate sites in the market, growth through acquisitions is essential. Focusing on regions that it has a strong knowledge about, and those that have a favourable regulatory framework, is a smart strategy.

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