Bill calling to ban all slot machines in Prague on the table

According to praguemonitor, as fast as next year all slot machines could be banned in the City of Prague. The law which went into force in 2015 has already eradicated “Hernas” from the city. Prague 7 went further adding that only casinos with table games available are allowed to operate, no slot machines are allowed anywhere. The larger casinos with table games remained largely unscathed elsewhere as the law was written with adequate loopholes included.

Now the city may outright ban the electronic machines. There are about 91 casinos operating in the city as a whole. Prague even supports the bill add wording to not allow 24 hour operation of the remaining gaming establishments. Major Ondrej Gros (ODS) added that they had already requested the bill last year. The question though remains how to replace the money that the casinos feed onto the city and local budgets. The money is allocated to sports and cultural facilities.

Last year the City of Prague had revenue of CZK 690 million from gambling establishments. That will be a big gap to fill.


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