Bulgaria – EEGS 2018

EEGS 2018 – intense two day industry enlightenment with key topics from the world of gaming. On Tuesday, 20 th November more than 40 distinguished panellists and speakers, who are part of the world’s biggest gaming manufacturers, operators and consulting companies will bring two days of high-level content, focusing strongly on gaming business innovation.

The conference once again promises an intense two-day industry enlightenment with various topics, starting with important regulatory updates from the European jurisdictions, going through the most talked about technology developments, marketing know-how, future opportunities and other essential themes of 2018. Poland, Romania, Bulgaria are the jurisdictions on focus from the Eastern European region. The Regulatory panel will also cover the updates from Germany, Switzerland &Malta.

The topic of the risks and solutions, provided by the Blockchain technology for the gaming industry, is going to be discussed on the first day. Vital topic from the gaming industry nowadays – Mergers and acquisitions and restructuring is also part of the agenda. What are the drivers for M&A – new tax regimes or technological innovations will be made clear by Dr. James Scicluna from WH Partners. Taxes and regulatory trends, CSR and responsible gaming will follow on the secondday. A proper final to the conference will be given with an IMGL Masterclass, themed “When gambling and games collide”.

“Every time there’s such an event or a conference, I get really excited about its attendance because I meet a lot of people, most of whom I share the same vision and mission with. Getting acquainted with crypto lawyers, entrepreneurs, marketing leaders, influencers, and analysts is really a privilege.

We share the same goals, that is, mass crypto adoption, nonetheless our paths to that achieve mentdiverge radically. Being in a gaming-related environment is even more challenging and interesting, as the emerging ideas and industry’s growth are unparalleled” Oron Barber, one of the keynote speakers, promises to all EEGS participants.

Kostandina Zafirovska, BtoBet’s CSO recommends EEGS 2018 because –

“Undoubtedly EEGS serves its goal to keep all interested parties in the iGaming industry on track with the latest regulatory and technological developments in Eastern Europe. It also serves its purpose when it comes to consolidating business connections and establishing new potential partnerships.”

Keynote speakers of EEGS 2018 also include: Dr. Simon Planzer, Partner at Planzer Law, Dr.Joseph Borg, Partner at WH Partners, Ana-Maria Baciu, Partner at NNDKP, Angel Iribozov, Chairman of BTAMOGI, Tal Itzhak Ron, Chairman and CEO at Tal Ron, Drihem & Co. Law Firm, Amir Mikay, Co-founder of Traffic light media, Nicc Lewis, President of Expozive Holdings, Vanya Ilieva, VP Marketing at FXTP Sofia and many more.

“EEGS has established itself as one of the go-to conferences in Eastern Europe for gaming. It is well attended and seeks to present interesting and topical panels.”

– says Jessica Maier, German Attorney, Melchers Law.

The future of gaming industry according to most of the conference panellists is the convergence between technology and gambling service. This fusion will bring challenges and opportunities in several aspects such as regulation, responsible gambling, competition and responsible innovation. Crypto gambling is seen as the next big thing and the professionalization of eSports and increase dintroduction of AI in gaming software will dominate the business, say all the experts.

The 11 th edition of EEGS will be completely synchronized with the main struggle of the organizers – to keep the audience of EEGS up-to-date with all the valuable and important information in the gaming industry that is characterized by a constantly increasing need for companies to innovate.

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