Bulgarian state commission on gambling suspends Eurofootball licence

Official website of Bulgaria’s State Gambling Commission (SCC) published an announcement about suspension of the licence of Eurofootball betting operator. Unpaid taxes are specified as the reason to suspend the license for three months over.

The commission said Eurofootball paid its sports betting taxes based only on revenue, rather than on turnover. Eurofootball is owned by Vasil Bozhkov, who was arrested in February.

In a message on its Eurofootball website says that SCC’s decision is unfair and will have negative affect on 800 betting point, 2300 employees and 100 partners.

 “Eurofootball OOD has been around for almost 30 years and has always paid its taxes  in accordance with the Law on Gambling, approved by the Minister of Finance and by the SCC,” the message says.


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