Czech – Banning playrooms and gaming machines is another step towards communism

Anti-capitalists (socialists and communists, often hidden under other names) by banning playrooms and gaming machines are attacking the right to property, attacking free enterprise, attacking the freedom of man.

They choose the easiest way to attack, the weakest place that will be difficult to defend. The predominant public opinion has been properly prepared for long-term media fire preparation and the appropriate “kulaci” has been appropriately denigrated in the eyes of the public. And when the anti-capitalists on this queue enter, they will not stop, of course, and in their march to socialism next time they may destroy your office, your job, your property, and your freedom.

Different socialists are masters in misty and distorted terms. In many areas, in many social problems, the socialists, by pinning false and misleading stickers, virtually make it impossible to discuss matters in substance. They call themselves ‘gambling fighters’.

In this context, the term “hazard” is totally false. The gambling operator is not the owner of the gaming or gaming machine they are fighting against. The gambling operator is a gambler. Hazard is the way of playing or the way of any action. Hazard means taking too high a risk. Not every player is a gambler. Like not every alcohol consumer is an alcoholic.

The right to property means the right to dispose of own property according to your own decision. Democratically deciding how to handle property is a violation of the owner’s property rights. Voting on banning playrooms and gaming machines means voting on foreign assets. Voting about foreign property is communism. We are depriving ourselves of freedom from this democratic edge!

By socialist labor market regulation, you will eliminate the weakest from the labor market. The Law on Minimum Wage works well. Do you want to raise unemployment? No problem, just raise the minimum wage! Why Increase Unemployment? So, to make more of the problems that you will be able to solve and to be able to reign over. Socialists love governance. Supporters of governance need to keep people in poverty so that the ruling politicians are still reliant, because the rich people would no longer have to choose the socialists. Is it in the interest of the socialists that people be rich?

Then the unemployed socialists will arrange to pay the money they collect on taxes to the workers. Some of the unemployed then put money into slot machines, which is great for the cause of socialism, because it is a perfect excuse for a further rise in socialism because the money that the unemployed got in need of was primarily intended for housing and food. Money was not collected for taxpayers to be put into slot machines. So it’s a pretext for banning playrooms and gaming machines.

The Socialists, following this double attack on property rights (the right to taxpayers’ property by which the Socialists have taken the money for “social” and the right of the owners of the tower to decide their property) can make another line on the road to socialism. At the beginning, there were socialist regulations that led, surprisingly, through socialist measures … to further socialist regulation!

The socialists are well-conceived!

I do not mean only the KSCM and the CSSD. I am talking about the whole broad leftist political spectrum. Among these anti-capitalists, there are also many so-called anti-Communist militants. In recent years, Communists have sometimes hindered entrepreneurs against attacks by some right-wing politicians, who are, in fact, even more left to the Communists.

The devil to make it known and how the voter should be in this goulash? Do not look at media labels, but look at the nature of the thing. What is civilization and civilized society? Ban on staging or respecting the right to property? What way do we want to go?

They want to protect sick players from the temptation to not see gaming machines and gaming machines around them. And what about such an alcoholic? There are plenty of them too. Will we ban pubs so the alcoholic can not see them? What can an alcoholic complain about, that’s how it goes down the street, and suddenly a pub hits him, because nobody has forbidden her?

By banning playrooms and gaming machines and the gambling industry at all, this entertainment will disappear as drugs disappear. Disabled people do not even mind that a prohibited phenomenon or a forbidden thing will not disappear. But that feeling! That too! This is the biggest drug.

For some time now I have to point out that there is an attack on the foundations of a civilized society.

Mr. Jindřich Pilc at

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