Czech – The Caribbean-based bookmaking Web site is available again

The Ministry of Finance is currently investigating the violation of the ban on running a 1xbet betting game in the Czech Republic for which 1X Corp NV is based on the Curaçao island of Cuba. The website of the MF office was the first in the Czech Republic at the end of July to be on the list of unauthorized internet games. However, bets offered by the company are available in the Czech Republic, and the company has modified its Internet address.

The Ministry of Finance maintains a list of unauthorized online games and decides to enroll in this list ex officio in the administrative procedure. Providers of Internet connection in the Czech Republic are obliged to prevent access to this page within 15 days from the date of publication of the blacklist page.

He also writes a payment account on the ministry’s list, which is used to run an internet game, with the payment service providers not being allowed to make payment transactions in connection with such an account. This, according to the sector, contributes to the efficiency of the list in a situation where the operator attempts to bypass the blocking mechanism of an illegal gambling website. Experts have said that the set blocking system in the Czech Republic is not too effective from the outset and can not even be.

“It is very easy to bypass the mechanisms introduced by the Ministry, both on the part of the operator and the user. Registering the domain is a matter of a few minutes, perhaps even seconds,” said Ondřej Filip, CEO of CZ.NIC.

It would be effective, according to some experts, for example, for all Internet address providers around the world to prohibit the creation of sites for the organizations concerned, which is practically impossible. Site blocking, according to experts, is effective at least in the sense that if the web site address of the game provider changes frequently, so many people will have trouble retrieving new pages.

Under the law in force since the beginning of the year, foreign companies need a license to offer online gambling in the Czech Republic.

With 1X Corp NV, the Treasury Department launched an administrative procedure in February, the website runs a virtual slot machine, roulette and bingo sports betting. Five Internet addresses are currently listed on the MF list.

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