Czech - Changes in casino operation after 1. 1. 2018

Operation of technical games and betting games in a casino on the basis of a permit issued pursuant to Act No 202/1990 on lotteries and similar games after 1 January 2018.

It is generally known that the Gambling Act, effective from January 1, 2017, introduces new obligations to operators operating technical gaming devices and live gaming under the Old Regulation with effect from 1.1.2018. Due to the fact that many operators undoubtedly take advantage of the validity of the licenses issued pursuant to Act No. 202/1990 Coll. even after January 1, 2018, it is appropriate to make a brief summary of the obligations that will apply to the operation of “gambling” of permitted gambling games after that date.

Operators of lotteries in accordance with § 2 let. (1) (e), (j), (l), (m), (n) of the Act (ie technical gaming equipment) shall continue to operate under the preceding law, except for the provisions of § 41 to §41i, authorization. From 1.1.2018, these operators will be obliged to fulfil the obligations under Sections 44 to 48 of the Gaming Act, ie to observe the conditions of participation of the players in the technical game, ie:

· Registration (associated self-limiting measures, verification of identification data, absence from the register of excluded persons),

· The condition of one user account per operator,

· Authentication and age verification of the user,

· Establishment of a temporary user account in cases of foreign nationals who can not verify identity and age by remote means,

· A ban on transfer between user accounts.

Operators of lotteries in accordance with § 2 let. i), m) of the lottery law (ie casino betting games) also operate their activities under the previous law, except for the provisions of § 41 to § 41i, concerning the fulfilment of the obligations to pay, and also according to the conditions stipulated in the respective license. From 1.1.2018 these operators will be obliged to fulfil their obligations under Section 58 (5) and (6) of the Gaming Act, ie:

· Keep records of all payment transactions associated with the purchase or exchange of value chips, including the date and time of the transaction and the identification data of the gambling participant who is performing the transaction. This record must be kept for 10 years.

· If the operator allows the purchase of value chips simultaneously at the cashier and at the play table, the operator will be obliged to perform and record all payment transactions and token exchanges via an electronic communication device.

It is likely that application practice in applying all of the above obligations will be associated with possible complications, both on the part of the operators and on the betting party, who will also have to adapt to the new conditions. For this reason, the Czech Chamber of the Lottery Industry opens up this topic with a relatively large advance so that such complications can be effectively prevented.

Source: CKLP

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