Czech – Penta wants to buy back the remaining shares in Fortuna

The Penta investment group wants to redeem the remaining 32% of the remaining shareholders. The negotiations will significantly affect Fortuna’s future growth.

Penta wants to own 100% Fortuna shares. According to the analyst, she could offer more

Plans for further growth in Central and Eastern Europe, Penta’s investment group is not clinging. That is why it wants to buy all the shares from Fortuna’s minority shareholders. The reason is that the current shareholders would be affected by the expansion. Fortuna’s Betting Office is one of the most well-known companies in the Czech Republic.

Penta currently owns 68% of all shares. The remaining stake is to buy at a price of CZK 182.50 per share. The price is two crowns higher than the traded price, but according to the analyst Jiří Kostka still does not reach the amount recommended at the end of the year by Komerční banka. According to the words Cubes, the offer is greyed and unsold.

Fortuna has just launched a casino, which was immediately popular with a large number of people, and other acquisitions have been successful. The chance that Penta will be able to redeem the remaining shares is estimated to be exactly half a half. At any rate, negotiations will greatly impact Fortuna’s future growth.


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