Czech – Four referenda will be added to the election of the president.

People will decide on gambling, swimming pool and mining in the quarry.The organizers hope that by associating themselves with the attractive election of the President, they will also attract enough people to vote on local issues.

In Jablonec nad Nisou, for example, deciding to remove slot machines from casinos, Karlovy Vary will decide to repair the colonnade again.

Prague – People in north Bohemia Jablonec nad Nisou will not vote for next week’s only favorite for the post of president. They decide whether the game machines will disappear from the city. As with the seven other places in the Czech Republic, the local referendum is held there with the presidential elections. In addition to lifting gambling, people in the plebiscite will decide mainly on large investments in cities, such as the construction of a swimming pool or the renewal of the spa colonnade.

The organizers of the referendums have a great hope that their efforts will not come to fruition. In order for the referendum to be valid, and the city council has to make decisions, there must be enough voters – according to the law, at least 35 percent. And the election of the President promises high participation, while in the past in 2013, around 60% of people came to vote in both rounds.

The referendum was held at the same time, according to information from the Ministry of the Interior, and in all cases there were enough voters to make their results for the city management binding. For example, the Pilsen people stopped the planned construction of the Aréna / Corso shopping center in the past presidential election.

Karlovy Vary is the first person to vote for himself. The local citizens’ initiative has set the city to declare a plebiscite about the renewal of the historic Hot Spring Colonnade.

Karlovarsky will decide whether the existing reinforced concrete structure from the 1970s replaces the cast-iron replica of the original Colonnade from Austrian-style Fellner and Helmer Studios from the end of the nineteenth century. At the beginning of January, the city was urging people into commissions, but last week they announced that the states were filled.

In Jablonec nad Nisou, the town has now declared a referendum after the Jablonec without Gambling initiative has collected the necessary amount of local signatures. “We tried to make a referendum by the representatives themselves, because we did not get the signatures to collect the necessary three and a half thousand for a half year,” one of the members of the petition committee and the opposition representative Jakub Macek for Jablonec).

The organizer donors contributed to the referendum campaign via the internet platform “Startovač.cz”, 30 thousand of which were provided by the foundations of the local company Jablotron billionaire Dalibor Dědek, 30 thousand crowns donated Via Foundation.

The vote will be taken to ban all slot machines in Jablonec, where the hazard has already partially regulated a decree three years ago. She canceled the games room, moved the gaming machines exclusively to the casinos, and gave them stricter rules. There are now ten in Jablonec, but the number of machines inside is growing, as shown by the latest Czech Gambling Annual Report.

However, according to Mayor Peter Beitl (ODS), this does not mean that risky gambling would increase with the number of slot machines. On the contrary, he is convinced that a possible hazard ban will move to black halls, the internet and surrounding cities. And local warns that the ban on slot machines will cost the town a quarter of the money from the investment budget. Removal of slot machines from the city has already been successful in referendums in Dvůr Králové, Pasohlávky and Dvory nad Lužnicí.

Just like the other towns and villages where a referendum will be held together with the presidential election, they have been busy in Jablonec in recent weeks. In most places, the members of the election commissions for the presidential election and the referendums have been searching at the last minute.
Seven hundred people and teachers

“We need a total of seven hundred people, last week we managed to get enough, we addressed teachers from schools and kindergartens,” says Mayor Jablonec, saying that organizing a referendum is organizationally demanding for the city, and fears that the run-up to the referendum elections.

“The referendum initiators told us that if there is no election and referendum in a room, which is not technically possible, their people will be guided by the people in the premises, so there is a lot of meanings in this direction, so we are not happy at all and we will do our best to make it happen all right, “says Beitl.

Another route was chosen by the nearby Czech Lipa. Although the referendum will be held on the weekend of the second round of presidential elections, it will not be until Sunday after the Czech Republic elects a new president. Mayor Romana Žatecka ordained it by making it difficult to get people into commissions. Opposition politicians who have come to the referendum, they see it as a deliberate move to weaken participation, while criticizing the “swelling” of referendum questions – the original vote on whether to create a pool for 90 million at the given site has spread four more questions around investment of the city.


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