Czech - Gamblers will not play slots without registration

In the slot machine or casino, only a person will be playing in the Czech Republic after registering with a ID card. The gaming operator will set up a player account where the player can set the maximum bet / loss amount. In the future, it will be able to block players’ accounts from people who receive benefits or bankruptcy.

Since the beginning of January, safe gaming tools have begun to work to protect players and prevent socially pathological phenomena associated with problem gambling“, said Zdeněk Vojtěch from the Treasury .

In the new year, the unregistered player will not play. For those who are interested in the game, an operator must establish a player account.

First, on the basis of the documents submitted, he checks the identity of the player and checks that he is over 18 years old. After that, the player may set individual self-limiting measures, such as the maximum amount of bets or losses over a certain period. These are not mandatory, but the player may refuse one after the other. However, the lawmakers hope that most players will use at least a portion of the limits.

Pause after two hours

Finally, the operator’s representative activates the user’s account and passes the user’s access to a user account, such as a chip card. Participation in the game can then be enabled by the registered person after signing up for the user account, most often after inserting a chip card into a reader integrated in the slot machine“, Vojtěch described.

The user account can be likened to a bank account, with the difference that this account is established and managed by the game operator and is intended to record the player’s funds, such as deposits, bets and prizes.

At the same time, new permits under the Gaming Act are issued, where operators have to fulfill other obligations, such as displaying set limits on technical facilities or observing quarter-hour breaks after 120 minutes of play.

The IT system is missing for blocking

In the future, the state will be able to block players’ accounts for people in receipt of benefits in material need and persons who have been declared bankrupt. But this requires an information system linking the gaming and the authorities.

The ministry recently announced a new IT system vendor competition, arguing that the first blocked the “obstruction” of some competitors. When the new tender is completed and the system starts to work in practice, the resort does not want to estimate at this time.

Compliance is controlled by the customs administration. Given that the new duty has only been in force for a month, no final fine has yet fallen.

Since the beginning of the year, 88 inspections have been carried out throughout the Czech Republic, both legal and illegal operators. This resulted in 25 infringements and one breach of registration. After inspections, an offense procedure is initiated and a fine will be imposed within these proceedings“, told Martina Kaňková, spokesperson for the General Directorate of Customs.

Source: Novinky

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