Czech gambling expects bank ID to provide smoother access to the market

Czech Republic gambling industry hopes that the government will proceed with regulatory adjustments to banking and customer verification requirements that will allow for a smoother market entry.

A measure approved by the ‘5th Directive on AML’ will see the Czech Republic adopt ‘remote customer verification’ measures assigned by individual banks.

Commonly referred to as ‘bank IDs’, the Czech stakeholders hope that the compliance measure will lead to the government relaxing its cumbersome face-to-face verification requirements.

Denisa Marcekova, Head of the Czech & Slovak Internet Gambling Association, backed the measure, claiming it has been proven as an effective verification provision in Sweden.

“I strongly believe this is a significant step in the right direction,” she said. “I hope that the recently launched governmental review of the Czech gambling regulation will result in even in the near future.”

It is worth mentioning, that previously the Ministry of Finance enforced the requirement for operators to impose ‘face-to-face’ customer verifications at 7,500 authorised ‘check-point’ venues.


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