Czech – The owners of gaming machines are looking for new solutions

The customs officers picked up to control the Prague 7 Holešovice game room, where they arrived on January 11th. There were seven slot machines in the game room, which the owner did not have permission to do, and tried to mask the iStar inscriptions, which would have the impression that these were quizzes and not gaming machines. There are many fines among the winning machines.

The operator had no permission from the Treasury on the vending machines.

“The iStar inscriptions were stuck on all vending machines, which should have the impression that they were not gaming machines at all, but knowledge quizzes. However, the attempt to disguise illegal activity did not stand in front of the customs. Together with automats, customs officers took away 14,000 crowns in cash, keys, tokens, chip cards and other things that served as illegal games, “said Ivan Kurkova, a spokesman for Prague’s Customs Office.

Holding of illegal vending machines threatens the operator with a fine of 50 million crowns and forfeiture of all equipment that serves the illegal game. In this case, slot machines.

Owners try different fintages.

The casinos are often seen as so-called gaming clubs, where each player has his / her own member legitimacy, or the gaming venues are charitable. Any losing player then serves as a “club contribution”.

“It’s no exception that the slot machines are hidden in the game room behind a secret door that is on a special chip or behind a double wall, behind a plank and the like. Customs officials also met that the vending machines were placed in a small room where they could not be removed. In these cases, the cutting of the walls and the expansion of the entrances comes, “added Kurkova.

On January 1, 2018, customs officers took over oversight over illegal gambling. So far they are very successful. Since the beginning of the law, 43 illegal playrooms have been locked in the capital and 361 slot machines, 11 playtables, eight roulettes, 11 quizzomats of all levels, two discounts, and more than two and a half million crowns in cash.

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