Czech - Prague Gaming Summit 2018 announces Bernhard Blaha

The leading boutique style gaming conference in Prague is gathering new and old faces of the industry in order to highlight the trending topics for the attending delegates.

We can’t help but notice, that in 2017 most of the news focused on cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, ICOs and even Responsible Gambling programs. The year 2018 looks very similar, however some of the companies that engaged into accepting cryptocurrency in their operation already have the first feedback when it comes to experience.

Thus, in 2018 the team at European Gaming Media and Events will continue to focus on bringing more information about the role of cryptocurrencies in the online and even land-based gambling industry. As most of the delegates have already got used to the ‘Innovation Talks” panels, the team will bring some new names to the stage. Such is the case of Bernhard Blaha, who is a first time speaker in the Innovation Talks series.

Bernhard is the Co-founder of & His responsibilities stretch from operational topics to finding legal & tax solutions. Having founded successful companies before he brings practical expertise in addition to his knowledge gathered from his studies in the technical (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria) and economic (University of Applied Sciences Vienna) areas. Bernhard is an early adopter of many technologies, ranging from home automation to cryptocurrencies.

Panel: Innovation Talks

More speaker profiles will be announced soon, but you may want to check the already confirmed line-up of speakers and register in time. The event is limited to 125 seats.

Visit the official website of the event for more details:

About the organizer, European Gaming Media and Events (formerly EEGMedia/EEGEvents)

European Gaming Media and Events is a leading media and event organizer company in the European Union.

The live events/conference division is in charge of organizing boutique style executive gaming events that focus on bringing inside information from the top gaming experts in the European Union and beyond. Their first event was held in Budapest on the 19th of September 2016. Since then the team have implemented more destinations into their event portfolio.

In short, they cover most areas of Europe with international events that serve the local and global industry, optimize networking opportunities and bring the hottest topics into scope.

The event destinations include Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Riga and Ljubljana with special focus around emerging markets.

For more details about the calendar, agendas and locations, visit the Live Events/Conferences section on

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