Czech Republic – The Gambling Restriction Act does not work

The new law regulating gambling in the Czech Republic imposed a number of restrictions since January this year. However, they can not be enforced. Regulations are celebrated by quizzes that do not contain element of randomness.

From January, to enter the gambling salon, the player must register at the entrance, show his identity card and after two hours he is obliged to break the game. The casino is obliged to enter bet limits and can only be opened at certain times of the day.

A few streets away the same player will find an open room with vending machines where he can lose hundreds or even thousands of crowns. How is this possible? There are so-called quizomaty.

The gaming machines differ only in that every few minutes you have to answer the question. Manufacturers of quizzes ensure that devices are not subject to the law regulating gambling as they do not contain a random element.

When someone says that there are thousands of illegal gambling machines in the Czech Republic, this is ninety per cent for quizzes”- says Petr Müller from the General Directorate of Customs.

The Ministry of Finance, whose competence is to control the gambling market, believes that the Customs Service should deal with quizzes.

The assessment whether something is or is not a game of gambling depends on the assessment of the administrative body and so is the issue of quizzes” – says Minister Alena Schillerová.

The expansion of quizzes also causes the number of licensed gaming machines to decrease.

The process of licensing vending machines in many places has not ended and players have no offer. Entrepreneurs, however, still bear the costs of renting space or maintaining employees” – says Andrej Čírtek from the Gambling Industry Union, which associates large operators of entertainment devices.

The Ministry of Finance claims that some operators did not provide the full documentation necessary to issue the permit.


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